Thursday, March 13, 2014

The BRAT Diet*

You know it's bad when you ask the pharmacist what you can do to avoid or manage diarrhea while you're on this prescription, and he looks at it, then says "With a dose like that, you're going to have diarrhea." Gee thanks. He then went on to suggest Pepto and the BRAT diet, which might help somewhat. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.... hmmm. The toast is a little problematic (not sure I want to use expensive GF bread for plain toast), and I'm not sure if I like applesauce. Whatever, I'll give it a try. As if coping with more severe cramps and heavier flow courtesy of the HCG isn't bad enough, I also have to worry about making it to the washroom quickly enough.

We have a follow up with our FCP this evening, and I've already thought about the pesky questions about checking for CM. "Do you check every time before a bowel movement?" I think the recent answer will be something along the lines of "When possible." I'm not quite sure what kind of response I'll get to that one, but it's honest. Gotta love the things we end up discussing with our FCPs.

In short, I'm cranky; I don't feel well, and I'm getting tired of having the meds govern what I can and can't do all the time (and this is only month 4). Hopefully I'll be done with the worst of AF soon, so I'll just be coping with letrozole side effects.

* Alternate Title: Tied to the Toilet


  1. So sorry you are having to suffer like this. I tried the BRAT diet when I was having major issues a few months after our miscarriage but it made things worse because of hypoglycemia. Have you tired adding in a probiotic and cutting out dairy, at least temporarily? Also, talk to your doc and let them know just how bad it is and maybe they can give you a different med. if it putting your body in this much stress that's a cause for concern too. Oh yeah the things we discuss with our FCPs, I am glad they are confidential! Now that I am an FCP I take it very seriously and appreciate the confidentiality much more.

  2. Ugh! I'm sorry it's all so crazy right now! I'm with you that I'm not sure that I would want to use gluten free bread for toast. Not only is it expensive, but all the ones I've had are kind of dry to start with.

    Also, I replied to your comment on my post. I would have emailed you, but I don't think I have your email. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. yikes... Prayers that you start feeling better soon! and that maybe you can switch meds or something... :-/

  4. I'm so sorry you have to deal with all this! Ugh! Doesn't seem sustainable, so I hope you can find something that works. Hope you get some relief soon!