Thursday, March 6, 2014

Faith Sharing

I really didn't set out to become the Energizer bunny of bloggers... honest! I had planned to scale back my writing after 7 Posts in 7 Days was over, but I keep having things to say. Thanks for continuing to read! I do intend to slow down soon.

Last night at our Pastoral Council meeting our Director of Faith Formation brought up the importance of faith sharing in adult faith formation. I can't say I had given much thought to it before then, but it struck me that much of what we do in our blogs and in commenting on one another's posts is exactly that. We're sharing how we live out our faith in our day to day lives. It also got me started thinking about what makes faith sharing comfortable or uncomfortable. It certainly seems easier when there is some level of similarity in backgrounds. It also seems easier once you have some level of familiarity with the people you are sharing with. A certain amount of faith sharing happens naturally at the bible study I am part of, even though that's not the focus of the group. 

Personally, I think I do more faith sharing online, with others going through similar experiences, than I do with members of my parish. How do you share your faith? What makes it more comfortable for you to do so?


  1. I think this is why we become such good friends with people we've never met in person, because faith sharing is a pretty intimate thing to do, when done authentically.

    So, I would agree, more online than in person.

  2. If you have something to say, then I have something to read, so blog away! I would agree that I probably share more online. I do also share in person depending on the circumstances, but whether it's good or not, I never want to push it on someone, so I prefer it to be in circumstances where I think someone's actually interested.

  3. I'm better faith sharing one on one than in groups. For some reason small groups seemed forced, and I'm not as comfortable.