Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Good News/Bad News

Bad news: We have mice.
Good news: They're pretty well confined to one area.
Bad news: That area is the kitchen.
Good news: They haven't been anywhere near the food. (unless you count a few random ketchup packets)

The exterminator came today, and we have a mixture of poison traps and snap traps in the mouse-infested cabinets. We also identified their points of entry, so we can fill up those spots to keep them out. 

Good news: My P+7 estradiol was higher this cycle than it was in January.
Bad news: It's still only just over half of what it should be.
Good news: At least increasing the dose of Femara from 6 to 8 tablets did something.
Bad news: That dose of Femara is probably going to be upped again for next cycle, which likely means increased side effects (again). 

I'm currently waiting to hear back from the doctor's office as to what the plan will be for next month, while trying to accept that in all probability there will be a next month. (That kind of estradiol number makes it rather unlikely that we succeeded this month.) I suspect I will be calling the pharmacy and letting them know that my doctor's office will be calling in a new prescription for a higher dose; they had called yesterday to ask if I was ready for a refill.


  1. Oh dear! We've had mice before (the joys of living in an older home!). You are so calm about it- very impressive. That is wonderful news about your estrodial! Things are going in the right direction! What kind of side effects did you get with it?

  2. Hugs! Sorry about all that bad news. Sending up prayers!

  3. I'm sorry about the mice and the likelihood of increased medication/side effects, but I'm impressed that you haven't lost sight of the good news, either.