Saturday, March 1, 2014

Salt and Butter

It's amazing how much energy trying not to throw up can take. Though I might wish otherwise, I'm sure many of you are familiar with the same medicine induced nausea. Lately it seems I am either becoming "The Devourer" or feeling queasy. I've got Ginger Chews and Queasy Drops and Sprite and... 

To be completely blunt, most of it works only briefly. If I'm lucky, being full will keep the queasiness at bay, but I'm not always that lucky. Lately, it seems worse in the afternoons and evenings, though some of that could be due to the fact that I tend to not have that much time elapse between breakfast and lunch. Often what tastes best are salt and butter - popcorn, mashed potatoes, even just buttered noodles. Realistically, I need to ignore all that and eat more fruits and veggies, even though those are often what is least appealing. 

Salt and butter... yum.


  1. Yum! I hear you. Most of the time about 2 foods sound okay to me. And usually they involve carbs and cheese and of course salt and butter. What meds make you nauseous?

    1. At the moment, it could be the Femara (lingering effects) or the HCG. Clomid also made me nauseous during the 2ww. In general, though, I'm likely to suffer nausea from medicines; a lot of antibiotics and strong painkillers do it to me, too.

  2. Salt and butter - made only that much harder when a simple piece of toast costs $2 b/c it has to be gluten-free! Sometimes it is the comfort in comfort food that has to come first. Praying that these symptoms only get worse and AF stays far away ;).

  3. Ugh. Nausea's the worst! I would not want fruits and veggies at all if I were nauseous, so I can't blame you. Hope the medication goes easy on you from here on out!