Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random Rant*: People Without Children Have No Reason to Live?!?!

Those of you who don't live in Western Pennsylvania are probably blissfully unaware of the epic (I hate how overused that word is, but in this case, it's apropos.) war going on between Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the biggest health insurer in the region, and UPMC, the dominant health care provider. You cannot turn on the TV or radio, drive past a billboard, or open a newspaper without seeing an ad for one of them, often both. While it in and of itself is ridiculous, what makes it more frustrating for me is the recent spate of ads.

Such and such a person found him/herself with cancer/heart disease/other life threatening condition and was told by important doctors that "Of course we'll get you well! You have a long time to live for your kids/grandkids." Insert warm fuzzy expressions for the health center/doctors/insurance company here. The first 30 or so times I heard these ads, they didn't both me. Then today it struck me: Really?!?! The only possible reason someone could have for wanting to get better and live a long, healthy life is their progeny? What about a beloved spouse? Even a pet? Nieces, nephews, young friends? To serve others? Any other possible goal? Nope. If you listen to the ads, people without children have no reason to want to overcome heart disease/cancer, etc. A pox on both their houses, I say. 

*This is the start of an occasional series on things that drive me absolutely bonkers. I promise not to run them too often!


  1. Run all the posts you want about stuff that drives you bonkers! I've got plenty of my own - maybe I'll join in!

    Wierdly, I know about the health care thingy - my husband is from Erie and it's a big deal up there too, apparently. And yeah, that is annoying about the ads. Sometimes I think most of the world lives in this mindset of "of course everyone has kids, duh" and that shapes everything they do and say. Which makes me feel that much more invisible.

    I sure as heck would want to beat cancer if I had it, kids or not!!!

  2. There was a bank ad showing a newly wed couple growing into old age, with their eventual children and grandchildren surrounding them. It was played a l lot during football season, and always tough for me to watch.

  3. Yeah, now take away even the spouse and I must be a waste of space! I know that's not true, but those attitudes about your worth being defined by things like that has made this whole thing even more painful at times.

    Feel free to post whatever rants you need to! It's always nice to know when I'm not the only one feeling this way about things like that!