Friday, February 7, 2014

A Definite "No" or Two More Days of Hope

As some of you already know, we ran into a big problem traveling with our vial of HCG this month. My first injection of this cycle was Wednesday January 29th; we flew out to Arizona on the 31st. I had initially been nervous about dealing with TSA, but there were no problems on that account. Instead we discovered our problem late Friday night, when we went to do the P+5 injection. The vial had leaked; instead of about 2 mL being left, there was only ~ 0.2 mL left. We used what little was left for the P+5 injection. I spoke to the doctor on call on Saturday, but he was pretty well useless. He didn't bother looking at my charts/records, just said that it "probably" shouldn't matter. Ummm, sure. (If that's the case, then why am I on these again?) I definitely had some moments of regret for choosing the closer NaPro doctor, where the rest of the practice isn't NaPro, rather than the slightly further all NaPro practice. I spoke to my doctor's nurse on Monday morning, and we were advised to skip the P+7 blood work and not worry about trying to get a new vial to do the P+9 injection. I was surprisingly successful at not thinking about it all and just enjoying the long weekend (Kittens! Butterflies! Swimming! Bohnanza! - more on that in a later post).

Of course now that we're back home, I haven't had quite such an array of exciting distractions (the Great Party Rescheduling Debate definitely doesn't count). So one big question has been on my mind lately - since I wasn't able to do all the HCG injections, should I test earlier? I can't say that I exactly want to test earlier, but given the probability that I would need to get on progesterone supplementation posthaste, I was wondering if I should test earlier. The reply from my doctor's office was simply that I could test on P+15. P+15 will be Monday. Even the last cycle or two before I started Femara, I was making it past P+15. Part of me doesn't want to "waste" the pregnancy test (and the money), but the other part of me is absolutely insistent that I should, just in case. (That's also the part of me that sometimes wonders if part of the problem with my previous pregnancy was that my body wasn't making enough progesterone to support the baby. I'm never quite sure whether to listen to it or just squash it.) What do you think? Should I start my week off with what will most likely be a negative test (I know, I know: I'm a real optimist.) or should I just wait?


  1. Testing or not testing is such a personal preference. Before I had regular peak+3 ultrasounds I would test like crazy. I liked knowing as soon as possible, though even the negative test wasn't enough to quell my hopes. What do you think would give you the most peace?

  2. I agree with Infertile Minnesota, you should do what will give you the most peace.

  3. I never tested on HCG, but AF always came on P+17 or +18. Everyone is different though. If you would regret it if you didn't then maybe it's worth the extra $$.

  4. I'm not much help seeing as how I've only taken 2 tests in over 3 years - mostly because I refuse to test. I will say don't let the cost of the test stop you if you are feeling like you want to test, peace of mind is priceless.

    Praying for you sweet friend!

  5. I almost always went ahead and tested (never wason hcg though). But I'm probably just impatient...

    I'm glad you were still able to enjoy your weekend after all that! Prayers!

  6. First, sorry you had those issues with HCG this cycle. What a bummer!!

    I bet you could test earlier than if the HCG had worked out like it was supposed to. It makes sense that if you stopped HCG at P+5, then it would be out of your system earlier than if you had injected on P+9. But I would wait until the day you normally get your period to test. So P+17? This was probably not helpful at all. Sorry! I agree with what Infertile said -- do what will bring your the most peace!

    Also, are you referring to the card game Bohnanza??? I almost bought it today! Did you like it?? It looks like tons of fun. And a great distraction. :) But if you're not referring to the card game, just ignore what I said. :P