Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Abnormal Bleeding

We had a phone consult with Dr. P on Nov. 7. He has been happy with my blood work, with my mucus cycles, with our timing of intercourse. The fly in the ointment is the abnormal bleeding; he had hoped that surgery and removal of the polyps and endo would clear that up. (For perspective, May had 8 days of bleeding; June had 10, July 8; August, which featured surgery during my period, had 10. Since surgery, September had 11 and October 9 days of red stickers.) This cycle I thought I might be done with excessive bleeding; it looked my period stopped on day 7, until spotting returned for days 9 and 10. So much for that thought. Also on the negative side, those two days of spotting have featured some brown bleeding. At this point Dr. P doesn't have many ideas of what else to try with regards to the abnormal bleeding, though he has some things he plans to look into. He mentioned the possibility of adrenal fatigue, though he seemed to think he had checked that before (DHEAS, I think he said); I need to rummage through my lab work paperwork, since I have no recollection of that particular test, especially since many of you have written that adrenal function is best tested through saliva and at different points during the day. 

The first two periods I had post-surgery were awful, heavier and more painful than ever before. (If they had been like that before surgery I would have been eager for it.) This one was better, though still heavier than before; I suppose getting rid of the same volume of material in a shorter time would necessitate that they get heavier. Now if only they actually got shorter... 


  1. Ugh…sorry for the excessive bleeding and pain. I will ramp up the prayers that things get better SOON!

  2. I had abnormal bleeding before adrenals were addressed.

    A blood DHEAS can reveal a part fc the adrenal issue. A saliva from zrt labs would be helpful. It's a diurnal cortisol saliva test. I can read the results. Even sometimes the saliva comes back looking good, a person can still be Symptomatic.

    My bleeding always seemed to be somewhere within my cycle not around period and not tied to O. I know from reading it can pop up in many different ways.

  3. Are you on any ovulation enhancers? I have my period for 5-6 days and then like clock work on spot again on day 9 and 10. Dr. H. Said it is bc of the femera I am on and the estrogen levels. Just something I thought I would throw out there. So sorry that you are going through this! It really sucks!