Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Screwy Cycle

(Apologies in advance for what may be TMI; I'm confused [and a little whiny] and hoping someone can help.)

This cycle has been downright odd. Though it started out normal, it turned into the heaviest, most painful period I have ever had. If my periods had been like that before surgery, I would have been eagerly lining up for it! It looked like the bleeding had stopped by CD9, but the spotting resumed after our first I. So I have a total of 11 days of red stickers. By CD18, there was also 12 days of fertile CM. (And yes, long fertile windows do get exhausting! Both Husbandido and I have been hoping for that window to close.) I thought 9/21, CD18, would be Peak Day, especially since I had a positive ovulation predictor test on CD16. (Peak Day is usually within 2 days of a positive OPK for me.) Then yesterday I had one observation of 10C, leaving me totally confused. Was the 21st Peak Day? Or am I still waiting? CD18 would already be late for me to hit peak; it's more typically around CD14-16. I have an e-mail in to our FCP for guidance, but in case I don't hear back from her in time, any advice/suggestions would be great! I need to know whether today is P+3, so I know whether it's time to start the HCG injections. (Oh - and not that it really affects anything, but yesterday I started with what are usually late post-peak symptoms, such as nausea. The chest tenderness started even earlier.)

You can't read it very well, but 9/20 says 10CLX3, 3."

Thank you!!!


  1. I'm not much help here, but I'll share this: when I had something similar happen, it turned out to be a split peak for me and I medicated prematurely and created an even bigger mess in my cycle. If I had it to do again, I'd get an estradiol/progesterone blood draw just to see if I was post peak.

    Sorry you're having a screwy cycle. I can definitely relate and commiserate. I can't even tell if my cycle ended or the old one is still going. Stupid ovaries.

  2. Confusing! I hope your fcp gets back to you asap. I think the advice about a blood test is a good idea if possible. Prayers!

  3. I have the same thing happen occasionally. My doctor who is very good tells me to use peak as the day I get the peak on the ovulation kit and she said it's normal to have a few days of mucus after I get peak on the monitor. Up to 3 days of mucus after peak monitor day is normal and I give myself HCG shots on Peak (monitor peak) Plus 3, 5, 7, 9. Good luck. Will say a prayer.

  4. Im sorry im no help, but i feel for you. Hope u get some answers.