Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Powerball Dream

The radio DJ talked about buying an NFL team; my cousin and her husband are dreaming of buying an island. 

I won't lie - there are a few things I would love to do for myself, like remodel the master bath, finish the basement, and make sure we have enough money to replace our cars. And I would love to donate enough to cover the cost of the atrium to connect our church to the parish hall (not to mention fix the HVAC system!), as well as help out Siamese Cat Rescue Center, from whence both our beloved Bilbo and Biscuit came. 

But my real Powerball dream? I want to start a foundation with multiple branches. The first and probably largest branch would be the Infertile Catholics Aid Society, which would be a foundation that any Catholic couple struggling to afford licit infertility treatment or adoption could apply to for a grant. In addition to the application, I would require a letter from the couple's pastor and from the treating physician, for medical grants. For adoption, I would require information about their adoption plans. Realistically, some kind of financial disclosure would be required, but I wouldn't want anyone to tear their hair out over it. The question would be whether to simply issue high-value grants or to require documentation of expenses from those awarded grants. If the funds were just issued as grants, there would probably need to be legal form indicating that there would be legal consequences for misuse of funds. At least a small staff would be required, but I would want the decisions made a board including a priest, doctor, and individuals who have experienced infertility. 

The second branch would build and run residential facilities for pregnant and parenting college students, like Mira Via. While I don't have any statistics, it's not hard to believe that college women would struggle with an unexpected pregnancy. In that situation it would be so easy to believe that carrying the baby to term would mean the end of one's education and career plans. A place to live, support, guidance, child care, and other help could mean the difference between choosing abortion and choosing life. I would love to have facilities in Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago... Really I would love to have one in every college town, but I'll start there. 

The purpose of the third and final branch would be education. Far too many women have no idea about their fertility. Based on the headlines and the pop culture news, you might think that you can have children into your 50s, or maybe even later in life. (Never mind that those women are using egg donors, which the headlines never mention.) I want women to make informed decisions about the best time to start a family. I want to encourage everyone to talk to their family about any family history of infertility. Husbandido and I made the decision about when to start trying to conceive not knowing about my family history; I though that we had enough time - and I knew more than many women. Age isn't everything, but it is important. I want women to be aware of the many different factors that can affect their fertility. 

What are your Powerball dreams?


  1. What a great dream! It would help so many! We talked about traveling the world and helping our parents and church and finally buying a house. ...but nothing as beautiful and well thought out as that!

  2. What a great dream! It would help so many! We talked about traveling the world and helping our parents and church and finally buying a house. ...but nothing as beautiful and well thought out as that!

  3. Oh my goodness! I wish you had won, because that would be awesome! I would find a way to be outside a lot more and bring others out there with me. Preferably encouraging them to move in ways that they didn't know that they were capable of moving.

  4. Wow, you have really large-scale and altruistic dream, making the lottery a benefit for thousands if not hundred thousands. It would be great if you were lucky to win. Frankly speaking I would like to support your initiative, yet my online tickets, WinTrillions review, won nothing. So all I can do is to dream I'll be luckier next time. Carry on!