Thursday, April 10, 2014

Because There Is No Answer

I loved this quote, from Fr. Dwigh Longnecker's post and wanted to share it.
"Because the devil is the father of lies there is not truth. None. Nowhere. Therefore the suffering he causes is irrational and absurd. This is why the suffering hurts so much-because there is no answer."


  1. Hi Stephanie ... I don't have your email, but you won the Passion of the Christ book at Happy Catholic. Please email me with your address so I can pass it on to the folks who will send it out. ( :-)

  2. I love that. Seriously, there is truth in that statement! I have read a lot of things tonight about the true author of suffering. And it isn't the One we (I) have often been known to blame.

  3. You posted this the same day a friend shared almost the exact same thing with me during a phone call. I think I was meant to hear it :) - now to just remember it!