Monday, November 11, 2013

The No Good, Very Bad Year

You know the expression "if it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all?" There are plenty of days that feels like me. Here is a brief summary of the disasters of the last (slightly more than) year.
  • Carpenter ants in the woodwork around one of the front upstairs windows, but the wood was decaying in all 5 (this meant both an exterminator and replacing the woodwork)
  • A leaking water heater (which needed to be replaced) [both of these happened shortly before I quit my job in July 2012]
  • Our only 3 year old dishwasher was dying, right before Christmas and house guests. (Yep, that needed to be replaced, too.)
  • My husband was in a car accident in January, which damaged the body of his car.
  • Our cat, Mara, got very sick, then died from a tumor. (February)
  • DH's car needed more expensive repairs (struts needed to be replaced). (May)
  • Our air conditioner quits working... on a Saturday night when we have guests over for a day of grilling and gaming... and it's one of the hottest days of the year. Fortunately it didn't need to be replaced... yet. (It's looming, as is the furnace, roof, driveway...) (July)
  • Yet more problems with DH's car shaking. (September)
  • My car needs new rear tires. (September)
  • Robin, another of our cats, needs to be hospitalized due to a urinary blockage. (Fortunately it  he is going to be fine, but the vet bill was... not cheap.) (September)
  • Our lawn mower, which was only 5 years old, died. (October)
  • Vandals destroyed our mailbox. (October)
  • You know that furnace I mentioned looming? Well, it doesn't need replacing, but it does need a some expensive parts. (today)
I've left out some random minor emergencies, like being diagnosed with recurrent infections of the ear canal, a sting on my big toe that left me hobbling for a week (all I did was take the recycling out!), and unexplained back pain that handicapped me for a week.

I think our emergency fund is beyond emergencied out! (And that doesn't even get into the IF disasters/expenses.) Our luck is due to turn any day now, right? Granted, at the end of 2012, I was saying that 2013 has to be better, so there's no guarantee. God, please help me to trust that You will provide.


  1. Ugh... I hope everything is done breaking! I guess for today I'll be thankful that we're still renting, and my landlord was the one who had to replace both the air conditioner and the water heater in the past 6 months :-/

  2. Oof, girl. 2013 was NOT your year. I'm really hoping and praying 2014 just brings waves and waves of awesome for you.

  3. Oh man that sounds awful!! It's so hard when things just pile up. I hope 2014 is better! in every possible way!! And easier on your wallets...

  4. Ugh, being a grown-up is not fun sometimes. That sounds like A LOT of not fun expenses to deal with. Praying for a peaceful new few months and year.